A Tradition of Excellence in Furniture Repair Serving the Bay Area

For eighty-three years, The Barn Woodshop, has developed a reputation for providing old-world craftsmanship in furniture repair and restoration. A unique, Bay Area historical landmark, originally built in 1885, it's antique walls have witnessed an honored tradition of quality and care for generations. Today, this tradition rests in the capable hands of master wood craftsman and proprietor, Tom Kieninger, and hands play a major role in achieving the outstanding results this family-owned business delivers in the many critical phases of repairing and restoring furniture.

Tom and his team of skilled craftsmen consider their hands as the primary tool in practically every process they employ in their work. Therefore, The Barn Woodshop craftsmen take special pride in their hand-rubbed finishes, hand-woven seats, hand-stripping, and hand-made furniture. Tom likes to say, "When it comes to our brand of furniture repair, the hands truly have it."

It's fitting that The Barn Woodshop forms part of a Bay Area showplace location, a complex of artists' studios, gardens, shops, and home of the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. Here in this inspirational setting, Tom Kieninger, practices and preserves what may be considered a lost art in furniture repair. The barn serves not only as a workplace but also as a museum of sorts. Filled with all the necessary tools and materials for the classic art of woodworking, the building also houses a collection of interesting memorabilia that speak to the tradition of excellence that lives on here. The organized clutter, sawdust-strewn floors, and timeworn walls define a place where someone's precious heirloom or antique will be handled with respect and flawless attention.
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